Michael Chuah hopes to expose local talents to China's film market

Michael Chuah hopes to expose local talents to China's film market

Michael Chuah (right) with his "Red Storm" cast Henry Thia (left)
and Venice Min (middle).

26 Mar – Returning to the big screen soon with yet another action-packed movie is local filmmaker Michael Chuah.

His latest movie is a joint venture with China, hence it comes as no surprise that he has expressed his hopes for more work opportunities for Malaysian talents in the Chinese market.

The actor-director said during the press conference for his new movie yesterday that he wanted Malaysian talents to be exposed to the film industry in China.

This is a smart move as it will open more doors for local talents and productions and create more projects with the second largest film market in the world (behind the US and ahead of Japan).

(L-R) Henry Thia, Venice Min and Michael Chuah at the press
conference for their new movie.

Aside from his new movie "Red Storm", which held its gala premiere yesterday evening, another Chinese joint venture of his is the recently wrapped "Stormbreaker". Having finished filming it last month, the movie is expected to open in cinemas in July or August this year.

"Red Storm", starring the director himself along with Henley Hii, Henry Thia, Venice Min and more, will first open in local cinemas this 28 March, before targeting for release on 5000 to 6000 screens in China next month or in May.

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