"BoBoiBoy" takes over Turkish cinemas next

"BoBoiBoy" takes over Turkish cinemas next

This proves that Malaysian animation are on a par with Hollywood.
This proves that Malaysian animation is on a par with Hollywood.

4 Aug – Following its success in Asia, the Animonsta Studios (Monsta) produced local animation continues to be in demand from across the globe, including from Turkey.

Two "BoBoiboy" titles, "BoBoiBoy The Movie" and "BoBoiBoy Movie 2", will soon be releasing in cinemas there.

Aside from that, the local animation studio also stated that it is in talks to bring all 76 episodes of the "BoBoiBoy" and "BoBoiBoy Galaxy" series to the small screen.

Via a statement released by Monsta, both of the "BoBoiBoy" movies as well as the series will be fully voiced in the Turkish language, which will allow the audience to better connect with the superheroes.

Previously, the groundbreaking Malaysian animation successfully penetrated entertainment markets in more than 70 countries including in South East Asia, India, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Monsta said that it would continue to stay committed in spearheading the export of high-quality Malaysian animation. It also expressed its hopes that millions of new viewers will get to enjoy "BoBoiBoy" franchise's blend of action, comedy, and family-friendly entertainment, following its release in Turkey.

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