Hrithik Roshan signs with US-based agency for Hollywood projects

Hrithik Roshan signs with US-based agency for Hollywood projects

Hrithik Roshan as seen in his 2019 movie, "War".
Hrithik Roshan as seen in his 2019 movie, "War".

28 Feb – Hrithik Roshan, one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, has his eyes set on conquering Hollywood next.

Deadline reported that the Indian actor has signed with The Gersh Agency, a talent and literary agency based in Beverly Hills, California.

The agency will represent him in Hollywood, along with KWAN in India and manager Amrita Sen, and create projects for the actor to film in India.

"With Hrithik's leadership, our goal is to continue to put India in a front and center position on the path towards globalisation and diversity and help integrate creators into new markets that were previously not available to them. In partnership with Gersh, we will now be taking Hrithik's ambitious vision around the world," said Hrithik's manager, Amrita Sen.

Audiences in the U.S. might already be familiar with the Bollywood star since his 2014 movie, "Bang Bang!", a remake of James Mangold's Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz-starring "Knight and Day", was the highest grossing Bollywood film in North America for that year.

Over on this side of the world, the 46-year-old is well known as he comes from a family heavily involved in the movie industry and he started his own acting career back in the 1980s.

Hrithik was most recently starring in last year's "Super 30" and "War", which spoke volumes of his range as an actor as he portrayed two very different, physically and characteristically, roles. The former requires him to play a brilliant mathematician and the latter a tough soldier.

Rumour has it, "Super 30" will be adapted into a Hollywood movie, though there's been no update on this since it started circulating last December.

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