"Suicide Squad" game might involve "The Justice League"

"Suicide Squad" game might involve "The Justice League"

Which of these characters would you want to play as in the "Suicide Squad" game?
Which of these characters would you want to play as in the "Suicide Squad" game?

23 Jun – A game focused on DC's "Suicide Squad" is reportedly in the works by Rocksteady Studios, the same developer behind the 2009 action-adventure game "Batman Arkham Asylum".

Speculations of the game first sparked when a poster on ResetEra shared a couple of domain names he found while digging online.

It seems that Warner Bros. has registered the domain name suicidesquadgame.com last week, set to expire exactly two years later on 16 June 2022. Another one, suicidesquadkillthejusticeleague.com, was registered a day later on the 17th, also with a 2-year validity.

Judging by the second name, the game could include characters from DC's "Justice League" as well.

And who from the Justice League will go up against the anti-heroes?

Eurogamer confirms that the game is indeed in development but could offer no further details on the superheroes and villains involved. Most likely, popular characters like Harley Quinn and Deadshot will be seen going after Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, if the domain name is anything to go by.

The project will be teased at the upcoming DC Fandome event by Warner Bros. this August.

Also to be teased at the event is another project, the unannounced Batman game "Gotham Knights", currently being developed over at 2013's "Batman Arkham Origins" studio Warner Bros. Montreal. Its domain name, gothamknightsgame.com, was registered on the 19th.

Though unannounced, Warner Bros. has been continually hyping the game for more than a year now.

Both projects will not be hitting the shelves soon though as they are being developed for next-gen consoles. "Gotham Knights" will be launched first, followed by the "Suicide Squad" game on a much later date.

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