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"Suraya" is Ainul Aishah's first time playing a villain

Writer: Nisa Irina

Ainul Aishah is excited to play a dark character for the first time.
Ainul Aishah is excited to play a dark character for the first time.

9 Jan – After a long absence from the silver screen, actress Ainul Aishah finally makes her return, playing an antagonist for the first time in a new horror film directed by Feisal Azizuddin, "Suraya".

When asked why she specifically chose this film to make her comeback with, Ainul, real name Ainul Aishah Azizun, said that she was drawn to the script because it allowed her to explore a new side of acting.

"I think of this as my rezeki. It's not that I haven't been offered antagonistic roles before this, but after reading the script for the first time, I didn't have to think long before accepting it.

"I like this role, as it gives me the chance to experiment and explore new concepts. I think this might be one of the most interesting characters I've played in my entire career," she said at the gala premiere of "Suraya" at mmCineplexes eCurve, Damansara, yesterday evening.

Ainul said she received a lot of guidance and references as she and the director discussed how to best bring Suraya's character to life.

"The director told me to watch a few movies and draw my own inspiration for Suraya's character from what I'd absorbed. After that, he would point out any weaknesses in my acting and we'd work on them together."

"He and I had plenty of discussions, and I had to remain in Suraya's 'psycho' mindset the whole two weeks of shooting on set," she continued.

The "Lara Aishah" actress also shared one of the challenges on set was having to speak slowly in certain scenes while keeping a serious expression on the character's face.

Other than Ainul, the cast of the Feisk Productions film includes Amir Rahim, Farihin Ufiya, Yunadia Mohamad and Azhar Amir. "Suraya" opens in cinemas starting from today.

After this, Ainul will be starring in a horror drama series, directed by Joon Goh and produced by Red Communications, called "Hantu Tales".

Cinema Online, 09 January 2020

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