Ana de Armas is Marilyn in "Blonde" but release delayed to 2022

Ana de Armas is Marilyn in "Blonde" but release delayed to 2022

Ana transforms to be the blonde bombshell
Ana transforms into the blonde bombshell

3 Aug – It looks like fans of Ana de Armas (or Marilyn Monroe for that matter) will have to wait a little bit longer, as it was reported that the upcoming Netflix new movie "Blonde" has delayed its release.

The movie, which was originally scheduled to be coming out on the streaming service this year, will now be released in 2022 - though no reason has been given as to the delay.

The move has sparked speculation that Netflix is aiming to release it near the awards season in order to campaign Ana de Armas and director Andrew Dominik for Best Actress and Director at the 2022 Academy Awards.

Ana de Armas traded her dark locks into Monroe blonde for the movie

Wow! Ana is Marilyn

The movie, which is based on the historical novel of the same name by Carol Joyce Oat, stars de Armas as the '50s siren. It also co-stars Julianne Nicholson, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, and Sara Paxton.

It is noted that Oates previously stressed that her book is a work of fiction and should not be regarded as a biography.

On the other hand, de Armas already has several projects in hand, including the upcoming thriller, "Deep Water" co-starring her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck and the Chris Evans-starrer, "The Gray Man". She played Bond girl Paloma in "No Time to Die". The release of the 007 film has been delayed numerous times due to the pandemic, and thus far, is scheduled to be released at end September/early October.

de Armas stars opposite Daniel Craig in the 007 movie "No Time to Die"

She was also in "Knives Out" with Daniel Craig

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