Dave Bautista to star in "Knives Out 2"

Dave Bautista to star in "Knives Out 2"

Dave Bautista will be in the upcoming whodunit mystery
Dave Bautista will be in the upcoming whodunit mystery

12 May – Dave Bautista has recently been cast in the upcoming sequel to Rian Johnson's hit 2019 film, "Knives Out".

The actor, most known for his role as Drax the Destroyer in MCU's "Guardians of the Galaxy", will be working alongside Daniel Craig - the latter to reprise the role of the detective Benoit Blanc.

No news as to what character Bautista will play, though production will start in Greece this summer.

Daniel Craig will reprise his role as super sleuth Benoit Blanc

It is noted that Netflix has acquired the franchise for USD 400 million earlier this year, which will see two instalments releasing on the said platform.

It was just recently that Bautista made the news for announcing that he will no longer play his most famous character after "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3", saying that he will be in his mid-50s by the time the third movie comes out.

On the other hand, the former pro-wrestler will be seen next in Netflix's "Army of the Dead".

The original "Knives Out" was a surprise hit among critics and
audiences when it came out in 2019

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