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Hrithik Roshan wishes Jadoo a happy birthday

Hrithik Roshan with Jadoo back in 2003
Hrithik Roshan with Jadoo back in 2003

11 Aug – In celebration of the 18th anniversary of "Koi... Mil Gaya", Hrithik Roshan recently took to social media to say "happy birthday" to the movie's beloved alien creature, Jadoo.

On 9 August, the actor posted two photos, including one of him with the blue alien, and wrote, "To the one who filled Rohit's and personally my life with happiness & magic. He held Rohit's hand, healed his scars and made him believe in miracles."

"Jaadoo was merely 3 when he entered Rohit's life. 18 years have passed by, he turns 21 today. Sometimes, I wonder how he would look like today! What do you guys think?"

Hrithik's father and "Koi... Mil Gaya" director Rakesh Roshan also took to the comments to wish Jadoo a happy birthday.

Jadoo would be 21 already

On the other hand, co-star Preity Zinta posted her own message about the movie, writing, "Koi Mil Gaya was special in so many ways. Its purity, simplicity & Jaadoo captivated not just us as actors, but an entire generation of kids & families. For me, it was really special because it brought out the kid in me. Playing Nisha gave me so much joy. Cannot believe it's been 18 years. A big Thank you to everyone that was a part of it, everyone that saw it & everyone that went on this joyride with us."

Released in 2003, "Koi... Mil Gaya" starred Hrithik Roshan as Rohit Mehra, a man with developmental disability whose life changes after an encounter with the alien he named Jadoo. The movie also was the precursor to the Hindi superhero character Krrish, which will have its fourth movie soon.

Without Jadoo, there is no Krrish

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