Ryan Reynolds' message to those struggling with anxiety, "please know you're not alone"

Ryan Reynolds' message to those struggling with anxiety, "please know you're not alone"

Ryan's opens up about anxiety
Ryan's opens up about anxiety

28 May – Although he has always been known for his lively disposition, Ryan Reynolds recently confessed of struggling from a mental health disorder.

In a post shared on 27 May, Reynolds admitted that he was a bit late in posting in honour of the Mental Health Awareness Month, though explained that he overscheduled himself and let important things slip.

"And one of the reasons I overschedule myself is my lifelong pal, anxiety," he explained.

Elaborating on his struggles with anxiety, the "Deadpool" star wrote, "I know I'm not alone and more importantly, to all those like me who overschedule, overthink, overwork, over-worry and over-everything, please know you're not alone. We don't talk enough about mental health and don't do enough to de-stigmatize talking about it."

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"But, as with this post, better later than never, I hope..." he added.

In a previous interview, the actor admitted that he mentally collapsed while working on the first "Deadpool" movie.

"I felt like I was on some schooner in the middle of a white squall the whole time. It just never stopped. When it finally ended, I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown. I literally had the shakes," he said.

Reynolds stated that he went to a doctor because he felt like he was suffering from a neurological problem and was told that he has anxiety.

"I have anxiety. I've always had anxiety. Both in the light-hearted 'I'm anxious about this' kind of thing, and I've been to the depths of the darker end of the spectrum, which is not fun," he added.

Reynolds admitted that "Deadpool" nearly gave him a nervous breakdown

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