Watch "Daulat" & other great movies at only RM3 for 90 days on MUBI

Watch "Daulat" & other great movies at only RM3 for 90 days on MUBI

Majlis nikah Intan Ladyana dan Harris Alif hanya akan dihadiri ahli keluarga terdekat.
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4 Feb – There is an apparent shortage of films of the political genre in the local film industry even though such films are a great way to provide exposure to audiences about the political world.

On that light, director Imran Sheik has collaborated with production company Lacuna Pictures in taking the initiative to produce the political thriller "Daulat"

According to Imran, the film which reveals the dark side of political world is deliberately intended to open up the minds of audiences and leaves them to subjectively comprehend the burdens and responsibilities of these politicians.

The film follows the life of a politician and his party who are planning for a win in the upcoming elections - no matter the costs - after having lost during the previous elections.

On a separate note, the production team of "Daulat' has given an indication of their plans to follow up with a sequel to the film as it has received encouraging support from the public.

Even more exciting news has followed, as the team has revealed their plans to produce "Daulat" as a series.

However, these are still at the initial planning stages and the team are in the midst of deliberating on the genre of the upcoming series.

"Daulat" was successfully made and produced at a low budget of only RM500,000 and yet, the end product is of excellent quality.

The local talents and artistes who starred in "Daulat" are Tony Eusoff, Vanidah Imran, Rashidi Ishak, Christina Suzanne, Zul Zamir and Jasmine Suraya.

A political-thirller not to be missed, audiences can watch "Daulat" exclusively on the curated movie streaming platform MUBI beginning 5 February.

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