Jason Momoa, Channing Tatum excited for their girl Zoe Kravitz's new movie

Jason Momoa, Channing Tatum excited for their girl Zoe Kravitz's new movie

Awwww .. this is so adorbs
Awwww .. this is so adorbs

3 Mar – Zoe Kravitz is one lucky gal to have two extremely buff men in her life supporting her so publicly with her movie career!

On 1 March, former stepdad (or maybe still stepdad?) Jason Momoa posted a couple of photos of him with Zoe's current boyfriend Channing Tatum, saying that they are on their way to the premiere of the actress' new movie, "The Batman".

"I'm so beyond proud of you [Zoe]. All my aloha to [Adam Weitsman] and [Dave Osokow] for making this happen at the last minute. Mahalo [Warner Bros Pictures] for the invite. We are very grateful," he wrote, even adding the initial "J and C" at the end of the post.

If only we could have these guys cheering us too

Fans couldn't help but express love for the two, with one commenter wrote, "The duo I never knew I needed to see." On the other hand, others are now expressing hope that Momoa would be in Tatum's upcoming "Magic Mike 3".

It is noted that Momoa, who split up from wife Lisa Bonet last month, reportedly have reconciled with the actress. Zoe is Lisa's daughter from her previous marriage to Lenny Kravitz.

Meanwhile, Kravitz has been dating Channing Tatum since August last year.

Zoe and Channing Tatum have been dating for over half a year now

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