Watch Japanese movies for free on Japan Foundation's online streaming programme

Watch Japanese movies for free on Japan Foundation's online streaming programme

Watch Japanese movies for free
Watch Japanese movies for free

1 Feb - Specially selected by the managers of Japanese independent theaters (so-called "mini-theaters''), twelve Japanese independent films have been curated into Japan Foundation's new free online streaming program, JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA, for audiences worldwide.

JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA focuses on Japanese independent films and strives to showcase the variety of Japanese film culture nurtured by the independent theaters (mini-theaters).

The number of Japanese films produced is one of the highest in the world. In 2021, approximately 490 films were newly released to the public despite the pandemic. About 70% of these films were screened at more than 100 mini-theaters throughout Japan that are outside of the mainstream theater complex.

Mini-theaters have held stronger ties to their local communities and contribute to sustain the Japanese independent film culture and its diversity.

JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA's film lineup comprises of various genres that highlight people's lifestyles and community issues against the backdrop of local climates and landscapes, to films that pursue new cinematic expressions. To complement the programme, interviews with directors, actors, and other creators who got involved with the films will be shown as well, and articles on the mini-theaters culture.

The programme runs for a 6-month period starting December 15, 2022 until June 15, 2023.

Streaming period is divided into two terms, with six films streamed in each term.

  • First term: 15 Dec 2022 - 15 Mar 2023
  • Second term: 15 Mar - 15 June 2023

Price: Free of charge
Style: Free online streaming. Email registration is required.
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First term: 15 Dec 2022 - 15 Mar 2023
1. Double Layered Town / Making a Song to Replace Our Positions
2. Dryads in a Snow Valley
3. Wonderwall : the Movie
4. Somebody's Flowers
5. Hottamaru・days
6. Leaving on the 15th Spring

Second term: 15 Mar - 15 June 2023
1. On the Edge of Their Seats
2. Shiver
3. Drive into Night
4. What Can You Do about It
5. In the Distance
6. A Little Girl's Dream


Double Layered Town / Making A Song To Replace Our Positions

A documentary about a team of young people who record the memories of a town that was affected by a big earthquake

Dryads in a Snow Valley

A documentary that observes the lives of people living in a mountainous region covered in snow

Wonderwall : The Movie

A comedy drama that depicts the conflict between students and their university over the continuation of a long-standing college dorm

Somebody's Flowers

A humanistic drama that looks at the emotional recovery of those who have lost close relatives


A fantastical and beautiful visual poem about joyful spirits who reside in a house

Leaving On The 15th Spring

A coming-of-age drama about the emotional journey of a young girl who leaves the beautiful and isolated island that she is from

On The Edge Of Their Seats

A coming-of-age drama about young people who cheer for their high school baseball team playing in a stadium


A music film that shows off the astonishing performance of a world famous taiko troupe

Drive Into Night

A surprising humanistic drama that questions the meaning of happiness through the strange fate of one man who caused an accident

What Can You Do about It

A heartfelt documentary about the interactions between a film director and his uncle who has low- level autism

In The Distance

A warm and unique story of two women who live under one roof and the strange happenings around them

A Little Girl's Dream

A miraculous documentary that follows a girl in elementary school who dreams of becoming a vet and the 26 years that follow to make her dream come true