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Latin American Film Festival 2015

Latin American Film Festival 2015 is set to be held in Malaysia from 11 to 19 November.

For the whole week, cinephiles will get to enjoy the best of what Latin American cinema has to offer, in the form of 10 interesting and captivating movies.

The films will be screened at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTIC), located at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Films title for LAFF 2015 are as shown below,
“Bad Day to Go Fishing” (Uruguay), 12 November, 7pm
“The Method” (Guest country: Spain), 13 November, 7pm
“Incredible!” (Peru), 14 November, 2pm
“Land and Shade” (Colombia), 14 November 5pm
“Silence in Dreamland” (Ecuador), 15 November 4pm
“Xingu” (Brazil), 15 November, 7pm
“Family Vacation” (Chile), 16 November, 7pm
“Get Married If You Can” (Mexico), 17 November, 7pm
“The House at the End of Time” (Venezuela), 18 November, 7pm
“The Thin Prize” (Cuba), 19 November, 7pm

Latin American Film Festival returns for 14th edition

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