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My Spy (English)

A hardened CIA operative named JJ has been demoted and begrudgingly takes on a routine surveillance operation on the family of 9-year-old Sophie. However, the tech savvy girl discovers the hidden cameras in her apartment and manages to locate where the operation is set. Now that she knows the undercover spy`s secret, she tries to convince him to teach her to be a spy in exchange for not blowing his cover. Though reluctant at first, he finds that he is no match for the precocious girl`s disarming charm and wit.

Classification: PG13
Premiere Date: 15 May 2021
Genre: Action/Comedy
Platform: HBO GO
Type: Movie
Cast: Dave Bautista, Chloe Coleman, Kristen Schaal
Director/Creator: Peter Segal

YouTube movie page COMY
U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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