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Tombiruo (Malay)

According to legends and myths, Tombiruo is a magical creature who controls the forest and is feared by the humans. But in truth, Tombiruo is a rebellious man who doesn`t look human and is burdened with uncontrollable magical power. His power is so strong that he has to cover his face with a mask in order to hide his troubles and loneliness. When his father is killed during the construction of a dam, Tombiruo swears to avenge his father by looking for those responsible for his death.

Classification: P13
Premiere Date: 1 Jun 2021
Genre: Action/Drama
Platform: Disney+
Type: Movie
Cast: Zul Ariffin, Farid Kamil, Nabila Huda
Director/Creator: Seth Larney

YouTube movie page COMY
U - General viewing for all ages
P13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old
18 - For 18+ with elements for mature audiences
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