New films releasing on Astro First

New films releasing on Astro First

Don't miss out on watching these new local films that will air on Astro First throughout November and December.
Don't miss out on watching these new local films that will air on Astro First throughout November and December.

The local film industry has been a sad affair throughout 2020, due to being badly shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic that not only affects Malaysia but also the whole world.

Even though late last year, local film enthusiasts excitedly begun anticipating the major titles that were supposed to be screened this year, everything has now unfortunately been postponed as cinemas worldwide face temporary shutdown, delaying movie releases.

However, filmmakers are now looking for alternative options to release their movies. Instead of just depending on the traditional way of premiering them in cinemas. filmmakers now turn to on-demand TV channels or video streaming platforms.

One of the popular choices among local filmmakers is the on-demand channel Astro First, which has screened several 2020 titles such as "Manap Karaoke", "Syif Malam Raya", "Town Mall", "Ada Apa Dengan Dosa" and most recently, "Mael Totey", which sparked a phenomenon when it managed to collect more than RM5 million.

So below we list down five movies that have been confirmed for release on Astro First.


Let's start off with "Athigaari". Released last week, it follows a police officer investigating a mysterious murder. It's directed by Kabilan Plondran, who previously earned an accolade from the Tamil Kalainyar Awards 2018 through "Jhangri". Bala Ganapathi William, Karnan Kanapathy, Nanthini Ganesen, Sasikumar Kandasamy, Sri Kumaran Munusamy, and Thilaag Nair are among the local talents who star in this movie.

Release date: 11 November 2020

"Mulut Masin"

There are two local movies airing on Astro First, the abovementioned Tamil movie and an upcoming Malay movie called "Mulut Masin". The Razaisyam Rashid-helmed movie revolves around five cousins whose grandmother's curse befell them after they lost a will. Now they must look for a way to break the curse. The cast is a mixture of old and new faces, including Jay Nazif, As'ad Motawh, Lan Pet Pet, Maria Farida, Faradhiya, and Aloy Paradoks.

Release date: 19 November 2020


Fans who follow PU Azman on social media must be highly anticipating the release of "Petaka". The Islamic film directed by Azhari Zain tells quite an interesting story, based on a quote from the movie that roughly translates to "the evil used as scapegoat for one's own good which in the end brings ill fate to the innocents." What makes everyone even more excited for the movie is that it stars great talents such as Nabila Huda, Azman Ahmad, Wan Maimunah Aziz and many more.

Release date: 3 December 2020

"Konsert Hora Horey"

Popular children's animated show "Didi & Friends" will soon return with its second concert film, "Konsert Hora Horey". There's no denying that the animated series is highly popular with kids one to six years old. Its catchy songs sure entertain the little ones, but don't be surprised when even the parents unwittingly memorise the songs that are described as 'haunting'. While the first movie was screened in cinemas, the second one will instead premiere on Astro First. So parents, get ready to sing along with your kids!

Release date:
17 December 2020

"Saka Nan Sepi"

Judging by the photo uploaded by one of the main cast of "Saka Nan Sepi", the movie has a bit of a 'Jumanji" vibe to it which will surely attract viewers' attention. More interestingly, the cast is made up of popular local stars such as Syafiq Kyle, Mimi Lana, Sherry Al Hadad, Namron and many more. These talents seldom disappoint audiences, so this is definitely a must-watch.

Release date:
24 December 2020

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