"Leftenan Adnan - Director's Cut" to screen on Astro First

"Leftenan Adnan - Director's Cut" to screen on Astro First

The "Leftenan Adnan - Director's Cut" poster by Empayar Kukubesi.

28 Aug – Malaysian production company Ace Motion Pictures has announced that patriotic film "Leftenan Adnan - Directors Cut" is now available in High Definition (HD) on Astro First (Ch. 480), starting from yesterday 27 August.

As previously reported, the movie, originally released in 2000, has been upgraded to 4K and 2K versions for screening in 2020, in celebration of the movie's 20th anniversary as well as in conjunction with the nation's 63rd Independence Day.

Director Aziz. Osman also shared the movie's restored and HD version 30-second trailer on his own Twitter account.

As per Cadang Felem's report, Aziz reshot some of the scenes with the help of drones and upgraded the CGI techniques prior to the restoration process.

Furthermore, renowned local film editor Isazaly Isa was also involved in the restoration process, while graphic design company Empayar Kukubesi designed the new poster.

Replying to social media users' question regarding whether the movie will be released in cinemas or not, Aziz stated that if all goes well, it might hit the big screen.

"Leftenan Adnan" follows the titular soldier's fight against the Japanese army during World War II. It stars Hairie Othman, Umie Aida, Rambo Chin, Faizal Hussein, Rusdi Ramli, Shaharuddin Thamby and Wahid Senario.

(Photo source: Leftenan Adnan – Director's Cut's Facebook)