"Antaramasa" brings back time-travel theme

"Antaramasa" brings back time-travel theme

What would you change, who would you meet – if you can travel back in time?
What would you change, who would you meet – if you can travel back in time?

30 Jun – Years after "XX-Ray 2" came out with a time-travelling theme, another local production is set to tackle the subject through its upcoming movie, "Antaramasa".

The upcoming film by Lux Ambiance Media Production is the brainchild of Umair Mohamed and Amir Rashid Othman, who revealed that the idea came from their love of the science fiction genre.

"I and the director of this movie have been fans of sci-fi films like "Oblivion", "The Butterfly Effect", "XX-Ray", and more. So while we were brainstorming for ideas for a movie, "Antaramasa" became our ultimate choice. At the time, it was titled "Paradox"," said Umair.

He added that rather than a romance movie with the backdrop of a sci-fi, "Antaramasa" is a sci-fi film with a romantic plot.

Asri (Josiah Hogan) becomes a time traveller

Special appearances from 'XX-Ray 2' stars Aziz M. Osman and Aleeza Kasim

He explained that, as a sci-fi flick, as many as 45 percent of the scenes in "Antaramasa" use computer generated image (CGI) techniques as well as a large budget in terms of set design because it involves the construction of sets.

"We hope this film can further increase interest in the production of science fiction films and also further expand the use of CGI/VFX in films in the country. After all, in Malaysia, there are many talented CGI workers and we are also fans of science fiction films," he said.

The movie tells the story of Asri (Josiah Hogan), a scholar in the field of physical sciences who, after building an eternal energy machine, finds that the same machine is able to bring him back to the past. With this knowledge, he decides to go back in time to restore his relationship with his girlfriend Malisa (Kaka Azraff), only to find that he has created a time paradox.

The movie co-stars Adam Shahz, Riezman Khuzaimi, Indi Nadarajah, as well as special appearances from "XX-Ray 2" stars Aziz M. Osman and Aleeza Kasim.

Director Ramdan Che Hassan giving instructions to the crew

"Actually, we are trying to build this film in the same universe as the XX-Ray 2 film. After getting approval from Aziz M Osman, we tracked down the actress Aleeza Kassim who was still living in the Netherlands at the time," said director Ramdan Che Hassan. "After being able to contact her, she was interested and agreed to be involved and she was willing to return to Malaysia just to act in this film."

"Antaramasa" will be a part of Astro First's Pawagam Rumah Anda starting 1 July. To subscribe, go to channel 480 or you can also stream it on Astro Go or On Demand.

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