Mouth-watering foods made famous by movies

Mouth-watering foods made famous by movies

There's a reason why product placement exists in movies, so audiences can be influenced to purchase those products which are associated with their favourite actors or characters. For the following movies, however, there was no intention to push these foods on purpose. (Except maybe butterbeer – everything in "Harry Potter" can be turned into lucrative businesses). It's just that, they were served up so well in the scenes that audiences just can't forget about them. Scroll below to see our favourite foods that are made famous by movies.

Never mind that the now iconic dish represents class division in society, fans of the
Oscar-winning Korean movie "Parasite" are clamouring to get a taste of
Jjapaguri or Ram-Don. (Minus the Hanwoo beef, though.)

The "Harry Potter" franchise is filled with ordinary food, given a touch of magic,
that are now famous the world over. Arguably the most popular and iconic
is the Butterbeer. Whip one up yourself (no wand needed) or if you can,
visit a Wizarding World to get a more authentic taste.

When talking about movie food, the mention of "Pulp Fiction" will conjure up this scene of
Vincent Vega commenting on whether the milkshake Mia Wallace ordered was really worth $5.
Save some cash by making this yourself, you just need milk and ice cream.

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