Awie still a "Superstar"

Awie still a "Superstar"

Awie talks "Dollah Superstar".

For those who grew up watching local 90s film such as "Sembilu", "Maria Mariana", "Tragedi Oktober" and "Merah", they would definitely remember the main star of these films, Awie.

Ahmad Azhar Bin Othman a.k.a., Awie is now 46 years-old but shows no signs of slowing down where the local film and music industry is concerned.

He first started off his career in 1986 as the lead vocalist of the renowned rock band called "Wings" which is currently still active and then involved himself in the acting world in 1992 with the film "Pemburu Bayang".

Now, Awie's latest film, "Dollah Superstar" sees him playing the lead, in a role the director of the film, Khabir Bhatia was willing to wait for Awie to grab it by the reins no matter what.

How do you feel playing the lead of the film, "Dollah Superstar"?
I feel honoured that the director of this film, Khabir Bhatia wanted me to act in "Dollah Superstar". I want to thank him for willing to have the patience to wait for me for almost nine months in order for me to star in his film.

We heard that this is the first time you've work with producer, Khabir Bhatia. Do you feel any sort of pressure working with him?
Of course not! I am super excited and overjoyed that I got to work with such a wonderful, kind and talented producer. The role that I played was Dollah, who is such a fun and casual character. Also, the other actors and I were given freedom by the director to diversify our characters with our own dialogue instead of limiting us to just the script given. To put it simply, we added in our own input during the shoot to make the film look more natural and spontaneous.

Is Awie looking good or what?

Can you tell us more about your character and some details of the storyline?
Dollah always dreams of becoming a famous actor. His moment to shine finally arrives when a famous actor by the name of Shah Dazzle asks Dollah to be his mentor for his role as a gangster in an action film. After that, many hilarious scenes and action takes place when Dollah tries to be an actor but ends up causing the whole set go into chaos.

Recently, there has been saying that you were offered to be the principal of the popular reality show, "Akademi Fantasia 2014" which is currently being aired. Is it true?
Yes, it is true. But I rejected the offer because I don't want to ruin the reputation of the show. As you all know regarding the conflict that I am currently facing, I don't want the audience to pay more attention and have more interest regarding my court case instead of the AF show itself. So I feel like it would be better if I retreat before causing any trouble to the show.

Did you do this so that you can focus more on your acting career while managing your court case and taking care of your children?
Right now I can't even rest because I need to take care of my kids. No matter what happens I will have to stay strong in order to raise my five kids. I need to retrieve back my quality time with them. I never once brought them to my shooting set because I didn't want trouble or disturb the production. During fasting month, I managed all of them by myself; I picked them up from school, bathe them and cooked for them. Previously I didn't know how to cook. Now, I am very good at making Asam Pedas.

Awie is the proud father of five children!

It looks like you are having a difficult time. Most people will just hand over their kids for the wife to handle during work, but why do you decide to take up all the trouble?
First and foremost, if I am a selfish person, I would probably let my wife take care of everything while I relax and enjoy myself without worrying when to come home, where to live or what to eat. Every month all I need to do is give alimony to the kids and that's all.

However, that kind of action is really irresponsible and selfish. My kids are my life and I pray to God that they will always be with me. My dream is to see my kids grow up – crawling, walking and running until they are married and have their own family. That is my one and only wish.

If you become single again, will you be finding a new partner?
I'm a single man with five kids, which crazy woman would want to be with a man of this status? Maybe there are some, but can she love me and my kids truthfully? I have two sons who are kind of playful and mischievous; they always wreck everything in the house. They are still growing and they are hard to handle, if you stop them they will become rebellious.

Does this mean that you don't need a woman in your life and you plan on raising your children on your own?
I won't lie, I do need a woman in my life because I need a place to complain and to love, if not, my soul will be empty. You know when you are working, sometimes you will run into trouble and you will feel pressure. So, where do you think I direct all these complicated feelings and emotions, to my partner of course! You think I would go on to cry on my manager's shoulder?

The cast and crew of "Dollah Superstar".

What do you wish and hope for your life with your children after this?
I want my kids to live their life normally and happily. I want to keep on working and contributing to this industry as much as I can. This is a fight that I will have to continue.

No matter how hard my life will become or when I'm sad, it'll be fine as long as my kids are there to support me. They are my source of energy.

Moving on to your career as an artiste, is there any other projects planned after this?
I am currently working on the production of "Warna Cinta Impian" with Erra Fazira, Azlee Khairi, Nelydia Rose and others. Previously, I just finished my "SuperMokh" theatrical performance. Although I rejected it at first, Hans Isaac talked me into it because he told me that the Sultan of Selangor himself wanted me to perform the theater act once again. Thank god everything worked out just fine. I want to express my utmost gratitude to everyone that was involved.

Alright, thank you for your time and good luck in your future undertakings.
Your welcome, thank you for all of your support!

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