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Joanne and Frankie's "Journey"

Writer: Casey Chong

Joanne Yew and Ben Andrew Pfeiffer in "The Journey".

The heart-warming new local movie, "The Journey" is set to be released in local cinemas on the first day of Chinese New Year (which falls on 30 January 2014). In conjunction for this upcoming release, we caught up to have a little chat with Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007 Joanne Yew and 73-year-old retiree Frankie Lee to talk about their acting experiences in "The Journey".

Cinema Online's interview with Joanne Yew and Frankie Lee was conducted on 10 January at Serai, Paradigm Mall.

Q: So, is this your first time acting in a movie?
Yeah, it was!

Q: So what was your first acting experience like?
It was a very good experience, because I got to work with the best director (referring to director Chiu) and a lot of other different kind of talents, especially with Benji (referring to Ben Andrew Pfeiffer).

Q: So how was it, working closely with actor Ben Andrew Pfeiffer?
He has a lot of experience in stage acting. Throughout the process, he had taught me a lot of different acting skills to work with.

Frankie, Chiu and Joanne at "The Journey" press conference.

Q: What was the chemistry like between your character and the character, Benji?
Chemistry with him is very natural. He's a very nice guy. He's willing to teach and he's very friendly.

A still from "The Journey".

Q: So, Uncle Frankie, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Previously I was more into the commercial line of the entertainment industry. Acting in movies and commercial are very different things. In commercials, you gained your knowledge in acting and the way you act. But if you don't do commercials, it's quite difficult to act.

Q: How is your experience acting in this movie?
Acting is not easy. I got nervous during the production. That's why there are so many cuts. When I hear Chiu say things like "Action!" or "Lighting!" I get so nervous that I forget about everything! Luckily, Chiu is very nice. He told me not to worry. Don't be nervous. Because the more nervous you are, the worst you will get. Take it easy, and the acting will come naturally.

"The Journey" opens in cinemas nationwide on 30 January.

Cinema Online, 21 January 2014

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