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Yasmin To Start Filming "Gubra"

Writer: Nurliana Kamaruddin

After the smashing success that was "Sepet", director and filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad is all set to film her third film titled "Gubra". Yasmin said that "Gubra" will not be a sequel, rather, a whole new story concerning the characters in "Sepet" much like "Sepet" was a whole new story with characters from her first movie "Rabun".

According to Yasmin, rehearsals are scheduled to start late June while shooting is scheduled to begin late August or early September. She has also gotten confirmation from the actors who will include Adlin Ramly who previously played the Sultan of Malacca in the Malaysian epic movie "Puteri Gunung Ledang", as well as a come-back by Ng Choo Seong who played Jason in "Sepet".

The movie itself will be shot in Ipoh again with, hopefully, as Yasmin added, sponsors from various parties for location, clothing and accomodation. The movie itself will be shot without a proper script and rehersals will be videotaped so that the crew can decide which bits are worth keeping and which are not.

Nan Salleh of Chilli Pepper Productions will be producing the movie and NusanBakti Sdn. Bhd will be financing the project. After "Sepet", the Malaysian public without a doubt will be waiting with bated breath for Yasmin's next masterpiece. We at Cinema Online wish Yasmin Ahmad all the best for this next project.

Cinema Online, 11 May 2005