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Early peek at "TRON: Legacy"

Writer: Anne Jamaludin

Daft Punk impersonators during "TRON Night" at GSC Mid Valley, KL.

29 Oct – It was a night to remember for TRON fans worldwide as Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures hosted the anticipated "TRON Night: A 3D Experience" worldwide yesterday, an event featuring the 23 minutes 3D sneak peak of the upcoming 1982 "Tron" sequel, "TRON: Legacy".

Hosted at Cathay Cineplexes Cineleisure Orchard in Singapore and at selected Golden Screen Cinemas in Kuala Lumpur, fans and members of the press were given a special preview, highlighting the extended trailer and selected scenes from the movie in 3D. It displayed a rough imagery of the sci-fi adventure taking place in The Grid, also known as the TRON world. It also showcased the appearance of Sam Flynn and his life-and-death journey into The Grid which leads to a reunion with his long-lost father, Kevin Flynn. "TRON: Legacy" witnesses the father and son's adventures across the visually-stunning universe.

Fans pose with life-size replica of the Light Cycle.

A fan pretending to ride a Light Cycle.

Among the highlights in Malaysia was the display of a life-size replica of Sam Flynn's Light Cycle and a special appearance by two home-grown talents as the electronic music duo, Daft Punk which further fuelled the excitement. Besides that, fans were also given a chance to win TRON merchandises during the quiz session before the long-awaited screening.

"TRON Night" at Cathay Cineplexes Singapore.

"TRON: Legacy" will ride into cinemas on 16 December 2010!

Cinema Online, 29 October 2010

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