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Faizal Hussein to lead 3 films

Writer: Elaine Ewe

Faizal Hussein who recently appeared in the Malaysian film "Abuya", is now set to play the lead of 3 different films.

17 Nov – Local veteran actor Faizal Hussein who has been laying low, is now said to be involved with three upcoming action films produced by AAR Intelligent Sdn Bhd, Northstar Acres Sdn Bhd and Dzed Resources Sdn. Bhd. titled "Taiko", "Khon Malay" and "1945" respectively, which has begun filming in stages since 16 November 2011.

Speaking at a launch party for the three films recently, co-producer Asri Adbul Rahman explained that Faizal was chosen because of his commitment to all the work given in every acting job, as well as having a vast experience in the industry.

"It is easy for us to work with him and in the future, if there are roles suitable for Faizal, we would call on him again," said Asri.

The 44-year-old actor feels thankful that there are producers that still believe in his ability to bring in the audiences by the numbers.

"I have actually known director Imran Ismail, who wanted me to be the lead in two of his films, "Khon Malay" and "1945" for a long time. I was really interested in the plots and characters offered to me. The same goes for "Taiko", a film directed by Syariman Yaacob."

Faizal added, "For me, it's an honour because they still believe in my ability to attract viewers to the cinemas for the movies."

"Khon Malay" which is directed by Imran Ismail, will also feature controversial actress Zarina Anjoulie, Man Baik, Zed Zaidi as well as a special appearance by Rosyam Nor and Hail Amir. Imran's other film, "1945" will star actress Wilma Muhammad, who had dropped out of the showbiz radar until now, along with Yank Kassim, Lana Nordin and Murad Zaidi.

Meanwhile, "Taiko's" cast lineup also features Zed Zaidi, along with Maria Farida, Neelofa, Beto Kusyairy, Namron, plus special appearances by Rosyam and Dato' Yusof Haslam.

Cinema Online, 17 November 2011