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Malaysia to receive Kollywood's help

Writer: Peter Chai

The multi-million dollar South Indian movie industry will be sharing its filmmaking experience with Malaysian Tamil moviemakers.

4 Feb – Kollywood, the second largest movie industry in India besides the well-mentioned Bollywood, has agreed to bring its technical expertise and acting talents into Malaysia in order to provide local Tamil movie productions with an added edge.

"The Tamil film industry will also make more effort to introduce more Malaysian-made Tamil films to South Indian audiences", said the South Indian Film Artistes Association.

"Vagai" Chandrasekar, a veteran actor from Kollywood, stated that India's Tamil cinema feels the need to boost up the overall demand for Tamil films, and one of the ways to achieve this is to assist the local Tamil film industry by emphasizing the marketing of local movies in South India.

In addition, he deeply encouraged Malaysia's production companies to call in more supporting actors and technical crew from Kollywood in order to make better quality Tamil films.

"Not only are we prepared to bring Malaysian Tamil movies into our country, we will also do what we can to assist them," said Chandrasekar.

In the eyes of Kollywood, Malaysia has its own distinctive talent in Tamil filmmaking that can be nurtured, but Chandrasekar suggested that local Tamil productions would be much easier for fans and viewers to accept and remember if there were more familiar faces and names.

Cinema Online, 04 February 2012