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"Bunohan" rights bought by US

Writer: Elaine Ewe

Faizal Hussein in a scene from "Bunohan".

19 Mar – Having received much critical acclaim in the Toronto International Film Festival and finally premiering in his home country of Malaysia, Dain Iskandar Said's "Bunohan", which is translated to "Return to Murder", has been picked up by Oscilloscope Pictures for US distribution.

However, this is not the first US involvement that the action drama has seen. "Bunohan" was in fact, produced by US's Convergence Entertainment and Malaysia's Apparat.

Oscilloscope is known for its knack of selecting films with decent Oscar potential, which are mostly English-language films, although it has previously handled foreign-language titles as well. Some of the latter titles are the Asia-themed documentary "Burma VJ" and South Korea/US co-production "Treeless Mountain".

Dain is currently attending the Hong Kong FilMart and Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) this week, in order to promote his new project, "(Un)Making the Betrayal", for financial backing.

"(Un)Making the Betrayal" is a documentary that chronicles the stories of the people of 1965 Indonesia whose lives were scarred by "The Betrayal", a propaganda film commissioned by General Suharto, thus "un-making" the film.

"Bunohan" was released in Malaysia on 8 March, and is still showing in cinemas.

Cinema Online, 19 March 2012