Glenn Close on for "Guardians"

Glenn Close on for "Guardians"

Glenn Close will be taking on the role of the Nova Corps head in "Guardians Of The Galaxy".

31 May – Hot on the heels of news that John C. Reilly is being eyed to play Rhomman Dey, a new cast member has been announced for Marvel's "Guardians Of The Galaxy", which is six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close.

According to Collider, the "Damages" star will play Dey's superior in the film, something not unlike Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury role in Marvel's "The Avengers". If the Marvel comics are to be followed, then Glenn Close's role is that of Queen Adora, the Prime Commandant and the person who holds ultimate authority of the Nova Corps. However, judging by the changes in Rhomman Dey mentioned in earlier reports, Glenn Close could just as well play an original character.

Additionally, Marvel is also said to be looking at a number of actors-including Hugh Laurie and Ken Watanabe-to play another role in the film separate from the Nova Corps head.

So far, director James Gunn has already set Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and David Bautista as his leads, with Michael Rooker and Lee Pace as the film's villainous characters. Expect to hear more casting news soon as production is set to get underway in the next few months in London.

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