Reen Rahim on controversy

Reen Rahim on controversy

Reen Rahim at the premiere of "Gangster Celop" held recently.

16 Feb – Controversy has hit many rising stars, and actress Reen Rahim had recently become the subject of public scrutiny when the drama "Sahara", where she played a prominent role is said to belittle religion and women in Burqas.

Reen, who portrays a character in "Sahara" apologised and explained that she didn't mean to offend anyone.

"I apologise to all, as it wasn't sensitive when playing my character, Sahara. A few days before the drama itself, I was surprised when I was criticised on Facebook and entertainment blogs for how my role of a Burqa-wearing woman angered many when she was touched by a man," said Reen when she was questioned about the subject at the premiere of film "Gangster Celop" in Cathay Cineplex, eCurve.

The actress wearing a Burqa for her role in "Sahara".

Upset with how she feels suffocated by the controversy, Reen considers that something good will come out of everything and a life lesson has been learnt for her future in the entertainment field.

When asked whether she will or will not choose a role of a good person, or if she chooses a role of a person who requires a headscarf, she replies that she will be careful when choosing her roles in the future.

On another note, Reen will appear with her first feature film, 'Gangster Celop" directed by Ahmad Idham that will reach audiences in 21 February.

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