Reen Rahim excited to star in "Mirip"

Reen Rahim excited to star in "Mirip"

Reen Rahim is not after popularity.

20 Oct – Winner of reality programme "Pilih Kasih", Reen Rahim, admitted that she was thrilled to have been given the trust to lead the upcoming musical movie, "Mirip".

The 27-year-old actress plays the character Wilma, a music teacher who falls in love with Fezrul Khan's character in the movie.

Reen shared that what made it even more exciting is that not only does the movie utilise a Bollywood concept, the director Jokin also hails from India.

"It wasn't hard to portray Wilma, but to really fulfil the director's demands was very challenging.

"Under the hot weather and with blistered skin, I had to dance with a big smile on my face for a dream sequence. That moment really felt like a Hindustan movie," said the actress to Kosmo!

However, in spite of the challenges, the actress is satisfied with the movie's outcome.

She also stressed that she is not chasing after popularity because she wants to focus more on the quality of her work, so that her ability as an actress will not be doubted.

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