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"Bangunan" aims to show God is real

Writer: Florey DM

The cast of "Bangunan".

30 Jan – To believe in God is to believe in all creations, be it a good or a bad creation. Good would be humans and bad would be the evil, spiritual entities as what Khir Rahman, Sein Qudsi and Aqasha drive home the point in their debut joint effort, "Bangunan".

The movie, presented in a docudrama format, follows the trio and their friends on their real-life filming at a haunted location, which started when they heard of tales of mysterious disappearances in the building.

"Bangunan" opened by reminding the audience that there is no power greater than God. To selfishly believe that only humans exist in the realm of the universe, promptly ignoring the existence of the supernatural, is to defy God's very own existence in a way, for He is the one who created all.

"Wind cannot be seen, but it can be felt," goes a line in the movie, highlighting the fact that just because an entity cannot be seen but can only be felt, does not mean it is not real.

A still showing part of the real CCTV footage used in "Bangunan".

"We want to show our humility," said Khir Rahman, during the premiere of the movie at the new GSC Nu Sentral last night.

The trio wanted to show how in the face of greatness, even the strong ones will bow down with humility. After witnessing a real-life possession and going through all the chilling experiences, the cast and crew of the movie dare not deny the existence of the supernatural.

The movie is produced by Suar Channel and Camwerk Studios. As it was developed without a script but is fully based on true stories, Khir said it was technically not directed by anybody and only edited by Sein and himself, with Aqasha handling the sound editing.

"Bangunan" opens in cinemas this coming 5 February.

Cinema Online, 30 January 2015

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