Kodi Rasheed plays a psycho next

Kodi Rasheed plays a psycho next

Kodi Rasheed (middle) won Most Promising Actor for his role in "Ophilia".

6 Oct – Rising actor Kodi Rasheed is set to appear next in a psychotic role, the actor revealed during a recent interview with Cinema Online.

"I still have one more movie coming to cinemas soon, which is "Kau Yang Satu" directed by Osman Ali," the actor replied when asked about his upcoming projects at the recent Anugerah Skrin 2015 press conference.

"In the movie, I play an assistant, who is a psychotic photographer. It's a role I have never played before."

Kodi admitted even though he didn't have that many parts in the movie, he still gave it his full commitment, even going as far as sitting alone in his darkened room at three in the morning to get a feel of his character.

The movie, which also stars Aaron Aziz, has yet to set a release date.

Kodi recently won Most Promising Actor at the 27th Malaysia Film Festival. He was happy enough to have been nominated, let alone win, the award.

Thanking Que Haidar, who taught him acting, he shared that he was Haidar's personal assistant (PA) for "Malaikat Tersembunyi". During his time as a PA, he not only improved on his social skills but also learnt more about the acting industry.

However, despite his recent win, Kodi said that he will not be picky with his future roles and admits that he still has more to learn.

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