Korean Film Festival 2015 opens nationwide

Korean Film Festival 2015 opens nationwide

KFF 2015 Opening Ceremony took place at GSC Pavilion KL.

20 Aug – The opening ceremony for Korean Film Festival 2015 was held yesterday at GSC Pavilion KL.

Among the attendees were GSC's CEO Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia H.E Cho Byung Jae and Korean husband-and-wife directors, Min Kyu-dong and Hong Ji-Yeong.

Director Hong Ji-Yeong's romcom "Marriage Blue" was also chosen as the opening movie at the ceremony. During her speech, she expressed surprise and gratitude as her own movie and her husband's "All About My Wife" were both going to be screened at the festival this weekend.

GSC's CEO Ms. Koh Mei Lee welcoming the guests and media.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia H.E Cho Byung Jae hopes to showcase
Korean cultures through the films.

Director Hong Ji-Yeong giving her speech.

The festival brings a lineup of 10 titles this year: "All About My Wife", "Confession Of Murder", "Duresori: The Voice Of The East", "Green Days: Dinosaur And I", "Marriage Blue", "My Paparotti", "The Front Line", "The King Of Pigs", "The Thieves" and "Man On The Edge".

KFF 2015 takes place at GSC Pavilion KL; GSC 1 Utama; GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang; GSC CityONE Megamall, Kuching; and GSC Suria Sabah, KK from this 20 to 23 August.

Admission is free, passes can be obtained from the festival's official website or GSC website and be redeemed at the selected GSC locations.

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