Zahirah admits she is close with Zul Ariffin

Zahirah admits she is close with Zul Ariffin

Zahirah declines to talk more about their relationship.

5 Nov – After several intimate photos of actors Zahirah MacWilson and Zul Ariffin started circulating online, the former has come forward to explain that they are now in the process of getting to know each other.

"I do not deny that we are comfortable as friends. However, if I were to be asked whether we are lovers or not, that question should be directed to Zul instead because to me it is a private matter," said the actress, according to Kosmo!

The 20-year-old stated that she became close to the "Bikers Kental" star after they both worked in the drama series, "Mr London Ms Langkawi".

When asked whether she was worried of being labelled as a man stealer following Zul's relationship with Tayangan Unggul movie producer, Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai, the actress declined to comment more. She again said that was a question meant for Zul himself.

She added that she will not elaborate more on her relationship with Zul as she is more comfortable treating it as a secret between the two of them.

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