Director disappointed that "Kerja Kahwin" won't compete at FFM 28

Director disappointed that "Kerja Kahwin" won't compete at FFM 28

Dr Anwardi is not pleased with FFM's decision to not acknowledge his film.

25 Jul – The director of "Kerja Kahwin" or its English title, "A Very Malay Wedding", Dr Anwardi has expressed his disappointment towards the organisers of Festival Filem Malaysia (FFM) for not allowing his film to compete at the 28th edition of the national film festival which will take place this September.

According to Anwardi, the main reason why his film was not allowed to compete was because the film was not shown in cinemas.

"The nomination stub is because this film wasn't shown at cinema chains in the country."

"The screening of "Kerja Kahwin" was shown as a pop up cinema experience at Felda and in the halls of the higher instructions of learning, and this has not made the film bona fide enough to be considered," the director posted on the Facebook page of "Kerja Kahwin".

Added Anwardi, he and the production company of the film, Wayang Pondo Sdn Bhd's intention was pretty clear in making the film, which was to elevate the standards and showcase the Malay culture. This is why they screened the film to those who are interested in local Malay films.

Anwardi also questioned FFM's previous decision to nominate "Johnny Bikin Filem" for the 21st FFM.

"I would like to enquire, "Johnny Bikin Filem" was nominated to compete at FFM before this on what criteria?"

Despite his disappointment, Anwardi is excited that his film will be holding its premiere at the One Country One Film Festival at Issoire, France this 26 July 2016.

After its premiere, "Kerja Kahwin" will be screened at Apchat, France which will be held from 29 July onwards.

(Photo Source: Dr Anwardi)

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