"Kerja Kahwin" finally comes to cinemas after 2 years!

"Kerja Kahwin" finally comes to cinemas after 2 years!

Janna Nick plays the lead role of Farah in "Kerja Kahwin".

19 Jul – Local indie film "Kerja Kahwin" will finally be able to meet audiences in the cinema after almost two years after its completion back in 2015.

According to the film producers, husband and wife team Zabir Suliman and Dr Liza Marwati, even though the film was completed in late 2015, it had to first complete its prior screening contract before it could be brought over to cinemas.

"We had a contract to screen the film in the rural areas of Felda first. So after the contract ended, then only could we bring it to the cinemas," said Dr Liza.

Husband and wife team, producers Zabir Suliman and Dr Liza Marwati.

Zabir added that the delay was also because the producing pair are fairly new in the movie industry, so they didn't quite understand the proper guidelines to release the film in cinemas.

"The process took a long time because we are quite new in the cinema business, and back then I didn't even know what FINAS was. After that, we received some guidance from our friends from the industry, and that is why the film had come out late for the cinema."

Dr Liza elaborated that there was also funding issues, as the cost for film's advertising and promotion (A&P) was not cheap.

"So we tried to get the funds ourselves first, and now we finally got the A&P from FINAS."

After its completion in 2015, "Kerja Kahwin" was screened at two international film festivals; ONE Country ONE Film in France and the Asian Film Festival in Italy.

Distributed by Metrowealth, the movie follows city girl, Farah, who is forced to have her wedding in a village in order to fulfil her promise to her grandmother. Farah then gets herself into a series of hilarious and chaotic situations as she tries to cooperate with the people from the village.

The movie is directed by Anwardi Jamil and stars Janna Nick, Dato' Rosnani Jamil, Shaharuddin Thamby, Ziema Din, Syed Ali, Aziz M. Osman, and A. R. Badul.

"Kerja Kahwin" comes to cinemas tomorrow, 20 July 2017.

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