"Oldboy" star to appear in a Danish-Swedish film

"Oldboy" star to appear in a Danish-Swedish film

Yoo Ji-Tae as seen in Korean drama, "Healer".

27 Apr – South Korea's Yoo Ji-Tae is best known for his work as Lee Woo-jin in Park Chan-wook's 2003 thriller, "Oldboy", and K-drama fans may have also seen him as Kim Moon-ho in 2014 TV series, "Healer".

Now, it has been revealed that Yoo has joined the cast of Swedish director Lars von Trier's upcoming thriller, "The House That Jack Built".

This makes Yoo the first Asian actor to appear in one of Von Trier's films.

Atnine Film broke the news by posting a picture of Yoo together with Von Trier and the film's costume designer, Manon Rasmussen, on its Twitter page.

Yoo Ji-Tae with Lars Von Trier (left) and Manon Rasmussen (right) (Photo source: Atnine Film's Twitter).

"The House That Jack Built", a collaboration film by Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden, is set in 1970s US. It follows the highly intelligent Jack, played by Matt Dillon, over the course of 12 years as he develops into a serial killer.

The rest of the cast includes Uma Thurman, Riley Keough and Bruno Ganz. Though their roles, as well as Yoo's, in the film have not been revealed.

Yoo finished shooting his parts in Sweden late last month. "It is an honour for me to be in the film of my favourite director, Lars Von Trier," Yoo said to THR. "It [is] a very special experience for me."

"The House That Jack Built" is expected to be released next year.

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