Raja Ilya to 'enhance looks' with surgery for Marvel role

Raja Ilya to 'enhance looks' with surgery for Marvel role

Raja Ilya dares to take risks to achieve her dreams.

7 Jul – Actress Raja Ilya is set to star in an upcoming Hollywood production. However, the big opportunity comes with a big sacrifice for the actress.

The 32-year-old will first have to undergo surgery to 'enhance her looks'.

Raja Ilya, born Raja Ramilah Begum Raja Mohammad, said that she will be doing so because she wants to be seen as on a par with other international stars.

"International film companies are hesitant to accept actors from Asia, especially Muslim talents. Even so, for my career and this golden opportunity, I am willing to take a risk. I still hold my religious virtues and they also know that I'm a Muslim.

"But I said to them, I can give a little leeway. They like my skin tone and want me to keep it as it is.

"Even though there's no forcing, I feel that I need to do some changes to myself in order to be seen as on a par with international artistes," said the actress to BH Online.

The actress also said that in the movie she will be donning sexy costumes ala Wonder Woman (as portrayed by Gal Gadot).

In regard to her upcoming surgery, the "Soulmate Hingga Jannah" actress admits that she is receiving sponsorship from an undisclosed company and a clinic will also be sponsoring her from top to bottom.

She will be flying to America by the end of this year and be busy throughout 2018 to focus on the Marvel movie.

She will not be taking any acting offers in Malaysia during the time, the actress stated.

(Photo source: Raja Ilya's Instagram)

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