No Marvel role for Raja Ilya

No Marvel role for Raja Ilya

After turning down the Marvel role, Raja Ilya is now looking at another Hollywood offer.

21 Mar – Malaysian actress Raja Ilya revealed that she had decided to forgo the auditions for a Marvel role after realising that it clashes with her principles.

Raja Ilya, born Raja Ramilah Begum Raja Mohammad, said that she made the decision after taking into consideration the terms and conditions set by the studio, which she said was not a good fit for her.

"I accept it with an open heart even though I had to let go of something this big. It's because I think it is not suitable for me. I can't elaborate more but I hope that everyone understands.

"People can make any kind of speculation but I made the decision for my own good and my career's future," said the actress, according to BH Online.

Despite having spent three months of preparations to achieve the ideal body shape to play the role she had her eyes on, she is unperturbed by the decision to forgo the role.

That is because the "Soulmate Hingga Jannah" actress admitted there is a silver lining, she has received another offer from an American production company.

The 32-year-old couldn't comment more on her new project as she has already signed an agreement.

In the meantime, the actress has returned to Malaysia and is keeping herself busy with the filming of several dramas and two movies.

Once she's wrapped up her filming in Malaysia, the actress will be heading back to America to begin her work in the new project.

(Photo source: Raja Ilya's Instagram)

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