Detective Pikachu and Deadpool are sharing a voice

Detective Pikachu and Deadpool are sharing a voice

Q: What does Pikachu and Deadpool have in common? A: They share one awesome voice.

7 Dec – Does this mean Detective Pikachu will be dropping a lot of F-Bombs?

Probably not, though "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds might try to sneak in a word or two, since he is going to be the voice of the titular Pokémon in the upcoming live-action "Detective Pikachu", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Legendary Pictures has always been eyeing A-listers to voice the sleuthing Pokémon, previous names that have been mentioned include Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson but looks like Reynolds is the one who finally landed the sweet deal.

Reportedly, Reynolds will be performing the role in motion-capture.

We know him as Deadpool, now he's Detective Pikachu!

The 41-year-old Canadian actor is leading a cast currently made up of Justice Smith ("Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom") and Kathryn Newton ("Big Little Lies").

"Detective Pikachu", set to begin filming mid-January 2018 in London, follows Pikachu and Smith's character's adventure as they search for the latter's father who has been kidnapped. Newton's character, described as a sassy journalist, will help them on the quest.

Rob Letterman ("Goosebumps") will be directing the movie.

Next year, get ready to see Reynolds as the titular Merc with the Mouth again in the sequel to 2016's "Deadpool".

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