Fans want "The Lorax" actor to voice Detective Pikachu

Fans want "The Lorax" actor to voice Detective Pikachu

Who will voice the adorably deep-voiced sleuthing Pikachu?

23 Jul – Previously, it was reported that Legendary Pictures was close to catching a live-action "Pokemon" movie deal.

Recent development revealed that not only has the studio sealed the deal with Japanese-based The Pokemon Co but according to Polygon, it has also set Detective Pikachu as the star of the first ever live-action adaptation.

Upon hearing the news, fans have taken to social media to suggest actor Danny DeVito as the voice cast for the yellow rodent.

Why? Because the two share a common trait - their deep voice.

Yes, this Pikachu does not have the usual cutesy squeaks, it instead has a voice that sounds a lot like DeVito's, prompting fans to jokingly suggest the actor to voice the character should an English version ever be made.

Danny DeVito voiced the titular character of "The Lorax".

And looks like that months-old joke is not so far-fetched now. The joke started way back when the sleuthing Pikachu was introduced in February in the first trailer for adventure video game, "Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo", a spinoff in the "Pokemon" franchise published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.

DeVito, who previously lent his voice to movies such as "The Lorax" and "Space Jam", as well as TV show "The Simpsons", has previously stated that he was unfamiliar with the "Pokemon" franchise. So fans will still have to keep their fingers crossed on him officially joining the cast.

The Detective Pikachu-led live-action "Pokemon" movie has yet to set a release date, but it will start production in 2017.

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