Tom Cruise reveals "Top Gun 2" title

Tom Cruise reveals "Top Gun 2" title

Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and his love interest, Charlotte "Charlie"
Blackwood played by Kelly McGillis in 1986's "Top Gun".

5 Jun – The sequel to "Top Gun", the movie that essentially made Tom Cruise a household name, has now been confirmed to be called "Top Gun: Maverick".

The movie was previously simply referred to as "Top Gun 2", but Cruise didn't like that.

"I didn't want a number. You don't need a number," the Hollywood superstar revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood.

In the interview, Cruise also said that the sequel will be very similar with the prequel in terms of tone, style, music and so on.

While he kept the plot of "Top Gun: Maverick" a mystery, Cruise did say: "We're going to have big, fast machines. It's going to be a competition film, like the first one ... but a progression for Maverick."

Maverick a.k.a. Lt. Pete Mitchell is the name of the main character, portrayed by Cruise himself in the 1986 film. The character was a hotshot fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy who got sent to the Top Gun Naval Flying School, where he was regarded as a rival by the other students and as a romantic interest by one of his instructors.

"Top Gun" was the highest-grossing movie of its year and was added to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2015.

Tom Cruise as the soldier of fortune Nick Morton in the Dark Universe's "The Mummy".

Cruise confirmed that "Top Gun 2" is happening and that he would be returning as Maverick back in May this year.

Last we heard, the script was being penned by Justin Marks ("The Jungle Book" 2016) while Joseph Kosinski ("TRON: Legacy") is being eyed to direct the movie.

Harry Faltermeyer will be returning to compose the score for "Top Gun: Maverick" just as he had with the prequel which he subsequently won a Grammy Award for.

No release date has been disclosed as of yet, but filming is expected to start sometime next year.

In the meantime, you can catch Tom Cruise in Universal's Dark Universe debut film, "The Mummy" on 8 June in Singapore and Malaysia and on 9 June in Cambodia.

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