Fan Bingbing is reportedly suing people

Fan Bingbing is reportedly suing people

Fan Bingbing is busy suing people.

14 Dec – While most would think that Fan Bingbing has been taking a rest from showbiz following her tax evasion scandal, rumours are rife that the actress has been busy filing lawsuits everywhere.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who was severely punished by the Chinese government for lying about her taxes, reportedly has been scrambling to pay the USD129 million in back taxes and decided to file several lawsuits against other parties for the illegal use of her image for advertisement purposes – a practice that has been going on for the longest time.

According to sources, there are currently 99 cases with the keyword "Fan Bingbing portrait rights" listed on the Beijing Municipal High People's Court's website.

Among the many cases, it was revealed that there have been five cases between 2 to 10 December in which Fan Bingbing was the plaintiff. One case has even already been settled - with the defendant being asked to pay RMB 2.4 million to the actress.

The revelation about these lawsuits became a subject of humour for Chinese netizens, with some joking that the actress is squeezing money from others now that she can't make her own.

On the other hand, some netizens also came to her defense, saying that she has the right to sue entities that use her image for publicity without consent.

(Photo Source: Fan Bingbing Instagram)

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