"Mat Kilau" filming halted due to internal issues

"Mat Kilau" filming halted due to internal issues

"Mat Kilau" director Syamsul Yusof (fifth from left, standing) will still continue filming after the issues are resolved.

16 Jul – Director Syamsul Yusof revealed that due to unavoidable internal issues, the filming for his latest movie, "Mat Kilau", has been halted even though it was already 70 percent done.

He, however, declined to comment further and point a finger at anyone.

"I do not wish to point a finger at anyone. I had to choose to halt the filming until the internal issues are resolved. The pressure involves the weather and behaviours that can't be mentioned. I faced heavy challenges while making this movie.

"I'm working with a professional team but the journey is still tough. Maybe before this, we could deduce that the team behind "Mat Kilau" was inexperienced, but even my well-experienced team is facing troubles," said the director, as quoted by BH Online.

Syamsul expressed his gratitude that producers Rahman and Shahruddin Dali understood the situation he was facing.

However, he added that filming for the epic movie will resume in October.

The Malaysia Film Festival (FFM-23) Best Director winner explained that he did not want to take the filming lightly and he wanted everything to be perfect, including the costume, location and extra cast.

The Studio Kembara production, with support by Skop Productions, is expected to cost more than RM5 million to make.

Previously, Syamsul accepted the challenge to helm the project after several production companies and directors failed to finish the movie's filming.

"Mat Kilau" is a historical epic that tells the story of the titular legendary Malay warrior from Pulau Tawar, Jerantut, Pahang.

The movie stars Datuk Adi Putra, Beto Kusyairy, Johan As'ari. Fattah Amin, A Galak, Wan Hanafi Su, Nadiya Nisaa and Indonesian martial arts actor, Yayan Ruhian.

In the meantime, Syamsul's upcoming movie "Munafik 2" is scheduled for release in cinemas nationwide this 30 August.

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