Shu Qi on hiatus until skin allergy is completely healed

Shu Qi on hiatus until skin allergy is completely healed

Shu Qi is going on a hiatus.

30 Jan – Taiwanese actress Shu Qi recently made a rare public appearance since announcing her break from work, and revealed that her skin allergy is now slowly healing.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who earlier announced that she is taking a break from work to de-stress and simultaneously treat her skin allergy that flares up whenever she's busy, recently appeared at the MSF Film Festival 2018, looking better than ever.

When asked about her current condition, Shu Qi shared, "Since I have been on a break these past couple of months, the skin allergy has healed over 70 to 80 percent."

The actress also stated that she will continue to be on hiatus until she is certain that the allergy is gone.

"It doesn't flare up during the cold season compared to the summer. If it doesn't flare up in the summer, then it means it is healed. I will be resting until summer," she said.

As to whether she and husband Stephen Fung will use the opportunity of her break to try for a baby, Shu Qi laughed and said, "We'll let nature take its course."

(Photo Source: Shu Qi Instagram)

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