Janna Nick didn't hesitate to accept "Pasal Kau!" offer

Janna Nick didn't hesitate to accept "Pasal Kau!" offer

 Janna Nick pairs up with Hairul Azreen as the leads of
Janna Nick pairs up with Hairul Azreen as the leads of "Pasal Kau!".

25 Sep – Popular actress Janna Nick said that she did not have to think long before accepting the offer to star in "Pasal Kau!", as she didn't want to miss her second chance at working with renowned director Adrian Teh.

According to Janna, real name Nurul Jannah Muner, the first time she received an acting offer from Adrian, she had to turn it down due to a scheduling clash.

"When I was offered "Pasal Kau!" by Adrian, I didn't hesitate and immediately accepted because I have been wanting to work with him, but I didn't get the chance to do so previously due to scheduling conflicts," she stated.

She added that she felt fortunate to be Adrian's pick, because she knew that there were other talented actors out there who were looking forward to collaborating with the successful director.

Elaborating on her role in "Pasal Kau!", Janna revealed that she once again plays a tomboy.

"I've played a tomboy character before but this was still a challenge to me, because I had to make sure that my character Jane isn't the same as the previous characters I've portrayed."

However, Janna admitted that she had fun and was not stressed at all throughout the production, as she felt that she was working while vacationing when they were filming at the hotel.

In fact, the director, cast and crew were very professional, thus allowing the filming to go smoothly without a hitch.

In the movie, Janna pairs up with popular actor Hairul Azreen as the leads.

Interestingly, director Adrian has recast his "Paskal The Movie" and "Wira" stars for the romantic comedy, giving them the opportunity to show a different side of theirs in it.

Among the actors that reunited for the movie are Namron, Amerul Affendi, Henley Hii, Theebaan G, Taufiq Hanafi, Josiah Hogan and Yayan Ruhian.

"Pasal Kau!" was originally slated to be screened in cinemas, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Act 2 Pictures movie will instead be released exclusively on popular video streaming platform Netflix starting from this 1 October.

(Photo source: Janna Nick's Instagram)

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