"Wira" will kick off Adrian Teh's local heroes cinematic universe

"Wira" will kick off Adrian Teh's local heroes cinematic universe

Adrian Teh wants to focus on making action movies that celebrate unsung heroes.

9 May – Following the phenomenal success of Adrian Teh's box office hit "Paskal The Movie", the director is returning with a new action-packed movie entitled "Wira".

Adrian stated that he, the production team and the investors have planned on building a cinematic universe that focuses on local unsung heroes.

""Wira" is an introduction to the cinematic universe that we are working on. The movie has a hidden message that will be revealed in the post-credits scene," said the director during an interview on the set of "Wira" at Sentul Depot, Sentul West KL.

Previously, Adrian has only worked on movies that fall under the genres comedy, romantic drama and horror. Most of his comedy movies are screened in Singapore.

After the success of "Paskal the Movie", Adrian said that he wanted to focus on producing more action movies.

The director also revealed the challenges he faced during the production of "Wira", which include lead actor, Hairul Azreen, suffering from a ligament injury while acting in one of the action scenes.

"Firstly, we spent RM15,000 to settle the pipe leakage issue on set because the management did not want to take responsibility.

"Another challenge was to film a stunt scene we could never do before. The part where Hairul had to do a fight sequence, including jumping off the second floor, that alone took three days to film," he explained.

Talking more about the accident, Adrian admitted that he was nervous thinking about the short time to finish the project plus the time needed for Hairul's leg to heal.

However, Adrian praises the actor's spirit and high commitment as Hairul wanted to continue filming despite his injury.

"Wira" follows Hassan, a man with ex-military force background, who joined the army because he could no longer stand seeing his family and the people around him being controlled by Raja. Hassan returns to his family after leaving the military and now has to settle the debt his younger brother accumulated after losing in an MMA fight organised by Raja.

The movie stars Hairul Azreen, Fify Azmi, Indonesia actor Ismi Melinda, Dato Hilal Azman and Josiah Hogan, Dain Said, Yayan Ruhian, Henley Hii and more.

"Wira" is expected to open in cinemas nationwide this year end.

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