Adrian Teh remakes China's famous sleeper hit

Adrian Teh remakes China's famous sleeper hit

The main and supporting cast of the new "Goodbye, Mr. Loser".

22 Sep – After directing and producing many popular Asian films including "King of Mahjong", "Hungry Ghost Ritual", "The Wedding Diary" and more, Malaysian filmmaker Adrian Teh has decided that his next film will be a remake of China's famous sleeper hit, "Goodbye, Mr. Loser".

Ever since he watched the original film of the same name, Teh was amazed by the entertaining and creative storyline which he believes would be suitable even in a Malaysian context.

"The movie is great, it's very funny and touching, and the script is also good," said the director during the set visit and press conference of his upcoming version of "Goodbye, Mr. Loser".

The original movie which starred Shen Teng and Ma Li.

The film would encompass a similar plot as the original movie with slight changes made to it like having younger cast, using more modern and currently trending songs, and elements that are more relatable to the country.

"I've also asked the directors of the original movie regarding some of the scenes that they wished that they could have included in the original film, then maybe I could try to squeeze some of them in my remake," the young director who also co-directed "Let's Eat" added.

Adrian Teh's "Goodbye, Mr. Loser" is currently still in early production and is slated to be released during the 2017 Chinese New Year.

(L-R) Ian Fang, Adrian Teh, and Phoebe Huang.

The film stars Chinese actor and MediaCorp artiste based in Singapore, Ian Fang, Taiwanese actress Phoebe Huang and a line-up of fresh Malaysian cast including Mei Sim, Vinx Lim Yi Xin, Anjoe Koh, Lex Poon, Jack Yap and Tan Li Yang.

The original "Goodbye Mr. Loser" was released in September last year and was directed by Yan Fei and Peng Damo.

The film was a massive sleeper hit in China and had grossed USD226.6 million in the country.

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