"Goodbye Mr Loser's" kissing scene censored by LPF

"Goodbye Mr Loser's" kissing scene censored by LPF

Adrian Teh created the remake with some added local flavour.

20 Mar – Adrian Teh's upcoming light-hearted romantic comedy, "Goodbye Mr Loser", has one of its kissing scenes censored by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) and almost became a 18-rated film due to certain scenes which were considered too violent.

The movie which is a remake of a famous Chinese sleeper hit of the same name initially had two kissing scenes; the first one is between main actor Ian Fang and supporting actress Anjoe Koh, while the second one is between Ian and main actress Mei Sim.

However, only the first kissing scene ended up on the chopping block while the latter one managed to remain in the film.

(L-R) Anjoe Koh, Ian Fang and Mei SIm.

"When we first sent the film to the censorship board, not only did they ask us to make it a 18-rated film, they also wanted to cut 13 scenes from the movie," said director Adrian Teh at the press conference of "Goodbye Mr Loser" which was held at GSC Mid Valley recently.

"We cannot be like "Beauty and the Beast" and chose not to show the movie in Malaysia, so we decided to negotiate with them. So after talking, they decided to cut only the first kissing scene between Anjoe and Ian," he continued.

According to Adrian, the reason why the first kissing scene was cut was because "the kiss was forced upon the female character, while the second kissing scene between Ian and Mei Sim is mutual".

The film's rating is now P13 and the scene that was removed was around 5 to 8 seconds long.

Adrian also expressed his concern on the decision to remove the said scene which can currently be seen in the Malaysian trailer.

"I find it weird that they [LPF] decided to cut out that scene, because you can still see it in the trailer," he said.

"Goodbye Mr Loser" is slated for a release in Malaysia on 23 March and 30 March in Singapore.

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