Mamat Khalid interested to make comic adaptation of "Kampung Pisang"

Mamat Khalid interested to make comic adaptation of "Kampung Pisang"

 Mamat Khalid and the main cast of "Kampong Pisang Bersiri-siri
Mamat Khalid and the main cast of "Kampong Pisang Bersiri-siri".

26 Nov – Renowned Malaysian director Mamat Khalid has revealed that he is interested in making a comic book adaptation of the "Kampung Pisang" franchise, if he were to receive an offer from a publisher and artist.

According to Mamat, a few comic artists did approach him previously to pitch him the idea but he had to regretfully decline.

"I was intrigued when a few comic artists came to me and proposed that I produce a comic based on the franchise. I admit that I was interested in their comics, but I had to decline because there was no detailed plan on how to produce this particular comic.

"If the comic artist can secure a publisher, I will definitely think about it because I do plan on expanding the franchise," he said during the "Kampong Pisang Bersiri-siri" press conference that was held virtually yesterday.

He added that there are many positive possibilities if a "Kampung Pisang" really materialises, including adapting it into an animation next.

Divulging more on his latest Astro Originals work, "Kampong Pisang Bersiri-siri", Mamat said that he gathered all the popular characters from the "Kampung Pisang" franchise into the 12-episode series.

Mamat, the proud bearer of the 21st Malaysia Film Festival's Best Director title, said that the 12 episodes are stand-alones, as each one will feature a different story.

"Viewers will get to watch stories with ghost and comedic elements, as well as different cameos in each episode. In fact, it's not just local actors that are part of the cast, as it also includes renowned local directors such as Mat London, Nasir Jani, Aziz M. Osman, Ellie Suriaty and Pekin Ibrahim, plus cartoonist Imuda dan "Ujang" comic artist, Soya."

Mamat added that despite this being a drama series, he maintained the same quality and its end result is on a par with film quality.

"Kampong Pisang Bersiri-siri" will begin airing every Monday from 7 December, at 9pm on Astro Citra.

Other members of the cast include Kazar Saisi, Bell Ngasri, Dewa Sapri, Avaa Vanja, Nazeera Sardi, Datuk Awie, Hazama, Delimawati, Ozlynn, Soffi Jikan, Joey Daud, Kamarool Hj Yusof, TJ Isa, Adam AF, Azlan Komeng, Ayie Hushairi, Faizal Chal, and Shuk Sahar.

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