The Japanese Film Festival 2021 returns to Malaysia in Jan 2022

The Japanese Film Festival 2021 returns to Malaysia in Jan 2022

Rejoice, fans of Japanese films, for The Japanese Film Festival 2021 is here
Rejoice, fans of Japanese films, for The Japanese Film Festival 2021 is here

28 Dec – The Japanese Film Festival (JFF) returns to Malaysia, albeit a little delayed after over a year-long hiatus. Its arrival each year is always met with welcoming anticipation.

The Japanese Film Festival 2021 brings in a total of 13 Japanese titles for the big screens and they encompass a variety of genres to pick from! Showcasing new and acclaimed Japanese films from various genres - from family and drama to comedy - this year's film screenings will satisfy the cinematic cravings of Japanese film fans as well as welcome newcomers to experience the charms of the Japanese cinema.

In fact, one would be spoilt for choice, for these selections of films will capture the hearts and minds of audiences from all ages.

"Moonlight Shadow" is directed by Malaysian filmmaker Edmund Yeo

In "The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window", two young men work as exorcists for hire

It is noted JFF 2021 was initially planned for a September 2021 launch but was brought forward to January 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the same reasons, the JFF 2020 was cancelled, much to fans' disappointment.

The JFF continues to provide film lovers with the best of Japanese films at selected Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide in January 2022. The tickets for JFF 2021 will be sold at RM9.50 and can be purchased two days before the first day of screening at each region. SOPs will be adhered at and during all screenings.

In heart-warming "Step", a single dad struggles to raise his young daughter after his wife's death

The month-long film screenings will begin in Klang Valley from 6 to 12 January before simultaneously heading North in Penang and to the South in Johor Bahru on 13 to 16 January. It will then cross over to the East Malaysia to wrap up in Kuching, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 20 to 23 January.

All films presented will be in Japanese with English subtitles. Festival-goers will also be able to enjoy the festival and collect rewards along the way. Watch any of the festival movies to earn stamps that you can use to redeem exclusive goodies.

Cinema Online is proud to be the official partner of the Japanese Film Festival 2021 that is organised by the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, bringing our readers the latest updates, news and showtimes.

For movie showtimes and information, visit our Japanese Film Festival 2021 page HERE.


Thanks to our friends at The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, we have complimentary passes to give away!

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